2017 NBSA Achievements

The Niantic Bay Sailing Association completed another successful season with over 100 youth and adults participating in lessons last year! We saw participation from all skill levels, from beginner boot camps to youth racing programs to adult sailing instruction.

The following were awards/milestones reached by our junior sailors:

« 1ST PLACE in Club 420 Bemis Area B Championship
« 9TH PLACE in the US Sailing National Bemis Trophy
in Club 420s
« 1ST PLACE mid-Atlantic Midget Championship
(age 15 and under)
« 1ST PLACE in every single Eastern Connecticut Sailing
Association Club 420 Regatta

Wow! While we are so proud of our racing achievements, the life-long skills and values learned along with the relationships that all of our sailors have made are far more valuable than winning on the race course.

Looking forward to another great season in 2018!

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